Infinite Horizons team specializes in placing staff for professional businesses throughout the country. We have experience in placing employees in positions from CEOs to Executive Assistants. With over Twenty years of industry experience, we have hundreds of contacts throughout the region. This enables us to operate efficiently and to provide businesses with incredible value. Infinite Horizons team is a passionate advocate for their candidates and their clients, driven by the desire to make the perfect match for both sides. They thoroughly prepare for every recruitment challenge, and their follow-up is superb. IHS’s insight into each player’s motivations and needs, especially the unspoken ones, is uncanny

Our past experiences shape our present and influence our outlook to make the world a better place. The name Infinite Horizons Services, an anagram stemming from the native lands of the original. Infinite Horizons Services Founders is a term that signifies to us the importance of diversity, ideas, and advancement in the global environment. It teaches us that the sum of all parts is much greater than the individual components, and we can accomplish much more together than we can working alone.


Infinite Horizons Services is a global management consulting and technology services firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Started in 2014 by entrepreneur with a proven track-record of provisioning best-in-class ERP solutions, Infinite Horizons Services has worked with many Fortune 500 corporations to help reform strategies, reengineer business processes and implement new and emerging technologies.
Our “Innovate, Integrate, Implement” strategy embodies our corporate mindset, enabling us to work with our clients to execute in the most productive manner possible.
Our consulting expertise has led to work with successful clients across many industries, with companies that include Avago Technologies, Cisco, GE, Google, Hertz, MCA, NetApp, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, Sony, Toys-R-Us and VeriSign.
Using industry knowledge, functional skills, and technological capabilities, Infinite Horizons Services strives to enhance the capabilities of its clients in every aspect of operations.



Infinite Horizons Services executives are personally committed ensuring our Customers satisfaction, actively soliciting feedback and tailoring ongoing delivery based on that feedback


Our carefully chosen team members bring years of varied experience to every situation. From strategically helping to evaluate the optimal solution through to post-implementation support of that solution, our team can do it all.


Our team believes that strong synergies are obtained by considering all ideas when defining and solving a problem. We believe that a collaborative approach is critical in today’s evermore complex organizations and those individuals that can build trust and relationships through strong and sustained collaborative efforts will be the most successful.


It is important to find the proper balance between quality and cost. Delivering the highest quality solution may prove too costly for an organization, be it a monetary cost, an opportunity cost, or both. Infinite Horizons Services believes it is important to look at both quality and cost and works closely with its clients to strike the right balance for each initiative.


Infinite Horizons Services has invested in software laboratories that are used for software assessments, including the leading ERPs like Oracle EBS, SAP and PeopleSoft and 3rd Party Indirect Tax Systems like Vertex, Taxware and Sabrix.


Many of our dedicated professionals come from Big 4 organizations and are available to you for a fraction of what you would pay if you were to use the larger firms. No less quality – just a lesser price. Add to this our off-shore presence, and you can really save!


We invest in our employees by offering in-house training classes that further their understanding of domain areas of knowledge.


Infinite Horizons Services seeks to leverage industry best practices to efficiently and effectively deliver the right solutions for its clients.