Why Us ?


Customer satisfaction that gives confidence

  • We have a strong recruitment team of IT professionals who can understand the client’s needs.
  • Excellent network of resources built over the years
  • Assured QUALITY resources.
  • Faster turnaround of profiles to meet your needs
  • Backup profiles in pipeline in case of candidates blackouts at the last minute
  • Background and references check
  • Our Experienced senior management involvement for strategic critical roles

Flexible commercial models to suit the clients and the consultants



IHS’s team of Professionals provides support to many of our clients with their staff augmentation needs. They can be provided to support a specific role within a project or if required, the provision of an entire project team. Infinite Horizons Services seamlessly adds to the client’s team while the client maintains direct control over their delivery initiatives.

Our consultants are the cornerstone of our business. We strive to remain adaptable, motivated, and responsive to our employees. Our goal is to offer our employee’s challenging assignments while staying true to our core values of honesty, integrity and a commitment to ethical business practices.

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Our staff augmentation focus is primarily in IT and Business related roles. Our consultants are passionate about delivering value to our clients. Durations vary, as does the expected effort per week.

Infinite Horizons Services provides staff augmentation in many areas including:

  • Application Configuration Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Change Management Leads
  • Conversion / Cutover Leads
  • Data Warehouse Engineers
  • Database Analysts
  • Data Stage Developers
  • Developers
  • ETL Developers
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • (EAI) Specialists
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • IT AnalystsOrder Management Staff
  • Organization Adoption Leads
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Analysts
  • Release Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Team Leads
  • Technical Architects
  • Technical Lead
  • Test Leads
  • Test Managers

Delivery Process

“We find great people, for great people.” Infinite Horizon is in the people business.

It is a simple idea, but we take it very seriously. We know that in the fast-paced world of corporate IT, our customers don’t have the time or resources to sift through hundreds or thousands of resumes when they need an immediate placement solution. Our job is to find the best candidates in the market and present them to our customers in a timely manner.

When it comes to identifying potential candidates for an open position, Infinite Horizons Services takes a very hands-on approach and does all the legwork for you. Your dedicated Account Manager works closely with our Recruiters to make sure that we find the right person(s) as quickly as possible. Following an extensive qualification process, we send you only one or two of our best candidates.

Managerial References

We require each candidate to provide at least three managerial references, and we verify that the managerial reference was indeed responsible for the management and technical direction of the applicant. Then, we gather information from the reference about the candidate’s previous work experience, technical responsibilities and the level of skill that was needed to perform those duties. We also gather feedback from these managers in regards to the candidate’s team skills, reliability, and potential for rehire. In addition, we describe the job and ask the manager if they believe the candidate is a good fit for the job requirement from both a personality and technical perspective. Once at least 3 reference checks have been conducted with positive results, the candidate is approved to move along to the final process step.

Screening Process

Our intensive, four-step screening method takes the guesswork out of your hiring process. Our screening process sets Infinite Horizons Services apart from other staffing companies by enabling us to find, qualify, and submit only the most experienced and highly qualified IT professionals.

Below is the four-step process that identifies how we provide candidates that fit our clients’ specific needs.

Employees You Can Trust

Last year Infinite Horizons Services placed more than 20,000 IT professionals, many who have worked with us for years. Our approach allows us to provide you with candidates with whom we have developed a close relationship – we know they are reliable and will be a good fit for your opening.

Our Recruiters have access to a proprietary internal database that contains more than one million technical resumes for candidates across the U.S. and Canada.

Account Manager Screen

As the fourth step in the process, the Recruiter presents the candidate to the Account Manager, who is ultimately responsible for filling the position according to the clients’ needs. This screening is imperative because the Account Manager is in direct contact with the client and therefore has the best understanding of what the client is looking for in a new hire. At this step in the process, the Account Manager confirms again the candidate’s expertise, evaluates soft skills and determines if the candidate would be a great fit for the client’s culture. If the Account Manager approves the candidate for submittal, then he/she formally presents the candidate to the client.

Many times we will initially qualify approximately 20-30 pre-screened candidates per opening; however, we will ultimately submit only the one or two very best candidates who pass our rigorous four-step process. Our goal is to present only highly qualified, pre-screened candidates that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Personal Interview

Our Recruiters schedule each candidate for an in-person interview at one of our local offices. In this interview, we conduct an in-depth examination not only of technical abilities, but also of punctuality, soft skills, professionalism and interviewing abilities. During the interview, we obtain additional information regarding to the candidate’s level of experience and specific skill sets. We ensure that the candidate has a thorough understanding of the job requirements, including a specific description of the daily responsibilities at the client site. The Recruiter determines if the candidate is qualified for the position before proceeding to the next step in the process.

Initial Phone Screen 

Our Recruiters conduct an in-depth phone screen with every candidate. In this phone interview, we make sure we assess education, qualifications, experience and skill level. In this initial step, we also qualify candidates based on areas of interest, location, availability and compensation.